Swimming Pool Construction: How to Choose the Right Pool

Picture a warm, sunny summer afternoon—the sun’s glow casting a golden light over your terrace. Instead of walking into an ordinary backyard as you make your way outside, you step into your very own outdoor oasis. The sun glints from the reflection of the water in your gorgeous custom-made inground pool, which sits surrounded by professional landscaping. This vision doesn’t have to be a daydream—it could be your reality. 

Whether a vibrant gathering spot for family fun or an elegant venue for evening gatherings, creating the perfect backyard retreat is an exciting experience. Let’s explore the first steps to building your perfect inground pool: Choosing the right type of pool design and picking the perfect spot for it. 

Exploring Your Options: Ground Pool Varieties

It’s exciting to install an inground pool, but it’s important to first understand the many options available to pool owners. Just as homes vary in style and structure, ground pools present a variety of types that each boast distinct benefits. Let’s dive into the specifics: 

Concrete Pools: Celebrated for their robustness and adaptability, concrete pools can be adapted to any desired shape or size, making them ideal for custom designs or irregular terrains. If your vision for your pool is highly personalized, or if you’re working with a unique yard layout, concrete is likely the optimal choice.

Vinyl Liner Pools: For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, vinyl liner pools offer a quick installation process. These pools feature a smooth lining that’s soft underfoot. It’s important to note, however, that the liner may require replacement approximately every 7 to 10 years, which could add to long-term costs.

Fiberglass Pools: These pools are pre-fabricated and transported to your location, which allows for a swift setup and a low-maintenance, smooth finish. While fiberglass pools provide ease and efficiency in installation, their pre-made nature means they lack the extensive customization possibilities found with concrete pools.

Each pool type offers unique advantages, but the decision as to which is best is up to individual preferences and building requirements. Homeowners can find the perfect match for their dream pool project by discussing their ideas with local pool experts. 

Location, Location, Location: Make Sure Your Pool is in the Perfect Spot

The swimming pool construction doesn’t just mean deciding what kind of pool you want to have or how it should be shaped. When you build your pool, you also need to consider the location of your pool area. It’s important to consider the amount of sun, the ease of access, the landscape and soil surrounding the area, the amount of privacy the location offers, and the adherence to building laws and codes.

Sunlight Consideration

Selecting a spot for your inground pool where it receives abundant sunlight is crucial. Sunlight naturally heats the pool water, and it can cast a captivating glow on the water’s surface, enhancing the overall beauty of your outdoor space. Monitoring the sun’s path across your backyard will help identify the optimal spot that enjoys full sunlight for the most amount of time. 

Ease of Access

It’s important for the pool to be easily reachable from your house. Consider the pathways you and your family will most frequently use to move between your house and the pool. These routes should be direct and safe, minimizing any potential hazards.

Landscape and Soil Composition

The type of soil and the lay of the land in your backyard are key factors in the planning and building of your pool. Difficult conditions, such as rocky ground or steep inclines, may require specialized construction approaches. Experienced pool builders can assess your property and suggest necessary modifications in the design to accommodate these challenges.

Visibility and Seclusion

Ideally, your pool should be in a location that is visible from key areas inside your home for safety purposes, making it easy to keep an eye on children or guests. Moreover, consider the swimming pool’s appearance from inside your house and its privacy from the neighbors, ensuring you have a secluded retreat.

Adherence to Local Codes

Understanding and adhering to local building codes is essential before initiating pool construction. There are often specific requirements regarding the pool’s placement relative to property lines, septic tanks, and utility lines. Consulting with an experienced and licensed local pool builder can simplify navigating these regulations, making for a smoother construction experience.

Investing time in a detailed location analysis ensures your pool meets practical requirements and also adds to the charm and functionality of your home.

Fantasy Brought to Life

Bringing your dream inground pool to life has many steps—from initial planning to the pool construction process to ongoing maintenance. Your pool should be a source of joy and relaxation for your family and friends for years to come that reflects your unique style and vision. 

If you’re ready to get started on your own pool construction or you have any questions, give us a call at (909) 476-0055 today. We’d love to schedule a no-obligation, hassle-free estimate on what a swimming pool remodel or new pool would cost for your home!

Get a no obligation, hassle-free estimate on what a swimming pool remodel or new pool would cost for your home.