Don’t Just Cope With Your Pool’s Coping! Get It Fixed Right With Anderson Pool & Spa

Don’t Just Cope With Your Pool’s Coping! Get It Fixed Right With Anderson Pool & Spa

You may have heard reference to your pool’s “coping”. But what is it? What is it for? How can you tell when your pool’s coping is damaged and needs repair? And what would the consequences be if a damaged coping is not repaired?

What is pool coping?

The “coping” of your pool is the part that rises above the pool tile. It’s what people hold onto at the pool’s edge and that people walk around on the outside of the pool. People also use it to dive into the pool. It can be a solid lip of concrete or constructed from tiles made from concrete, brick or natural stone looks. 

Coping provides a stable walking surface for people and animals. Even though when in use the coping will constantly be wet, being made of a “grippy” surface like concrete or natural stone allows for safe walking and no slips.

What is the coping for?

In addition to safe walking, the coping protects the edging of the pool. It is sloped so that any water goes back into the pool drains and it helps keep grass and other debris from getting into the pool. Coping also works to keep water from seeping into the pool shell, helping maintain the pool’s structural integrity.

How can you tell when your pool coping has been damaged and needs repair?

When you start to see cracks in the coping, it is time to get it replaced. Once cracks form, the water from the pool can get into the coping which then begins contracting at an even more advanced rate. It is also at this point that rain or other water can exacerbate the damage.

What are the consequences of not repairing a damaged pool coping?

This damage is not just aesthetic—a degradation in the coping can also ruin the pool tiles. The pool tiles, being constantly in water, can quickly collapse like dominoes once their edge is exposed. Once the pool tiles go, the pool’s structural integrity weakens because the pool shell is accessible to the elements. Cracks in the pool shell are catastrophic. It is much cheaper to fix a coping stone or two than it is to repair an entire pool shell.

At Anderson Pool & Spa, we specialize in repairing pool coping. We can replace any type of coping, from white concrete pavers to sandstone or natural stone. 

Different types of coping have different advantages and weaknesses. If the coping is a solid sheet of concrete, then any damage will result in the entire concrete coping needing to be replaced. If concrete pavers are used instead of patio tiles, then just the individual paver can be replaced. 

While any of the natural stone coping looks amazing, it tends to absorb more heat than other materials.
We believe every home should have a space for rest and relaxation, and a pool makes an ideal setting for backyard fun. When you need to restore yours to pristine shape, contact Anderson Pool & Spa for a free repair estimate.

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